About Us

Legends Attire is a clothing line determined to motivate and drive our customers to be the best version of themselves possible. We deliver top quality motivational gear intended to remind its owner of their goals and dreams. We currently serve and deliver domestically across the United States.

Our long-term goals are to offer scholarships for our customers who need post-secondary education to continue towards their goals, open a school of our own that provides a solid foundation and builds financial knowledge at an early age.



Legends Attire is a family friendly clothing brand with a chief aim to work extremely hard and motivate our followers to strive to be the best version of themselves possible. We pride ourselves on promoting the maintenance of education, motivation, health, happiness, honesty, and selfless service. Through our attire and resources, we drive education forward, boost self- esteem, hustle, and financial readiness. Our goals are to open a school and business in impoverished areas and nations to drive forward their economies. 


MOTIVATION-Once a person realizes their potential they can have their light shine through & be their very best! Stay motivated! Keep the peace in your life. Be happy. The most important key to staying motivated is to find your purpose.

PURPOSE-We are all talented in different arenas. We have different strengths, abilities, & weaknesses. Each and  every one of us have a reason for being created. We are all passionate & naturally intrigued & gifted at something! We were all created to fulfill some sort of work or duty here on Earth on Earth. The moment we discover our purpose & begin working to fulfill it, life will have new meaning. 

SACRIFICE-Sacrifice your time & wants for what you believe in, for your dreams, & to lend a helping hand.

HONESTY-Always be honest with yourself and others. Always.

PHILANTHROPY-Always give back. When we receive blessings or positive energy we should put those same blessings back out into the universe for others to receive them. 





The owner & founder of our company believes that all people can dream as high as their mind capacity, no matter their upbringing, past, or current situation. Accomplishing any feat can be achieved; however, first we must believe. After one knows that anything is possible & begins to operate on a system of faith combined with hard work & perseverance, dreams begin to come true. Our owner is a college graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. She has a background in laboratory Quality Control & management. She is a soldier in the U.S. Army with dreams entering the Health Care field and of serving her country as an optometrist.